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Flexible, precise laser welding with no setup time when using a handheld welding laser

Whether in the dental lab, for jewelry repairs, or to seamlessly connect small workpieces: our handheld welding lasers offer industry and handcraft a laser welding device that combines ease of use and high-quality, precise welding results. Our handheld welding lasers VLO 60 and ALO 100/120 are used in dental labs and by jewelers, and the AL-ARM laser welding device is used in the automotive industry for improving pores and holes in bodywork. They are highly valued devices in the tool and mold manufacture industry and many other sectors.

Manual welding lasers are also used by small companies for quality control, to immediately eliminate defects on metal parts. Our laser welding machines guarantee your production flexibility, speed, cost-effectiveness and precision.

 Hand welding lasers and their advantages

  • Flexible use due to manual guidance
  • Ready for use in minutes
  • High beam quality and good focusability 
  • Precise visualization through the binocular 

Handheld welding lasers from ALPHA LASER feature easy handling and maximum laser safety

Like all of our laser systems, handheld laser welding devices comply with the highest safety requirements and are TÜV-certified for performance level d. The handheld laser welder AL-ARM 450 F features protective safety glasses that still give you a clear view of the welding spot. The 3D visualization and an inserted crosshair enable precise welding results. The 3D safety glasses allow you to see the workpiece and the environment at the same time, thus ensuring comfortable working with the compact handheld welding laser. The automatic wire feed makes the whole process even easier.

Our handheld welding lasers and all other laser welding machines from ALPHA LASER allow you to cost-efficiently, quickly, and flexibly manufacture or repair workpieces. In the unlikely event that you encounter issues with our laser systems, our experienced application engineers and our technical support staff are always available.

How does manual laser welding work with a manual welding laser?

The arms are inserted into the working chamber via openings in the housing and the component is held under the focusing lens by hand. Wire is fed in manually with one hand as required. The laser welding process is magnified and observed via a binocular. The welding gas and the laser pulse are triggered via the foot pedal.

Which laser sources are available?

Handheld welding lasers from ALPHA LASER have a Nd:YAG laser source with 50, 100 or 120 watts.

What are the advantages of AL manual welding lasers?

High-quality laser systems with the best welding properties that are compact, durable and easy to use. Laser welding can be learned quickly. Due to the uncomplicated handling, the user achieves laser-welded joints of the best quality within a very short time.
in the best quality within a very short time.

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