High-Performance Laser Systems from ALPHA LASER for Metalworking

As a leading manufacturer of mobile, flexible, and high-performance laser systems for laser welding, laser hardening, powder deposit welding and additive metal manufacturing, we develop and produce machine concepts that are tailored to the applications of our customers.

This results in solutions that allow our customers to quickly meet the growing demands of their customers with optimal quality.
Our goal: To provide you with a tool that allows you to flexibly, precisely, quickly, and cost-efficiently repair or produce workpieces.
For maximum productivity in industrial production and handcraft.

From prototyping through tailor-made solutions for your task to user training: We work hand in hand with you.

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    At the Formnext exhibition last month, we organized a draw where you could win a steel miniature of yourself as a key chain. The participants' faces and shoulders were scanned to create a print file. 

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    ALPHA LASER is an attractive, social and responsible employer and a financially stable company. Today we employ around 130 people.

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Laser systems from ALPHA LASER: our lasers

As a pioneer in the field of mobile laser welding, ALPHA LASER GmbH offers a wide range of high-quality laser welding devices. This includes laser welding systems as well as handheld welding lasers and systems for powder deposit welding. But we also develop high-performance products for other applications, such as laser cutters and laser hardening machines. Our laser systems feature high-quality and versatile laser technology and come in a wide range of performance classes. 


The specific application determines how the laser source is selected. This is why we offer both Nd:YAG lasers and fiber lasers. We also offer mobile laser systems for most types of laser material processing, which enable you to work flexibly and with a reduced setup time. Besides open systems, we also produce laser machines with closed, laser-safe working chambers that allow you to safely weld or cut without needing to take any additional safety precautions. Our extensive range of accessories ensures that your laser device is always perfectly matched to the specific application.

We would be glad to consult you about our laser machines and your specific application, so that we can find the best laser system for you. Our customers are encouraged to test the various laser machines, laser sources, and performance classes for laser material processing at our application center in Puchheim, Germany or at one of our sales partners in your proximity.

High-quality, safe, and flexible laser technology from ALPHA LASER

As the manufacturer of the world's first laser system with TÜV certification that meets the high safety requirements of performance level d, we take laser safety seriously. Our laser machines offer not only optimal results for laser welding, powder deposit welding, laser cutting, and laser hardening: they also offer safety during work. Moreover, we offer a wide range of safety accessories that are perfectly matched to our laser machines.

Laser systems for metalworking from ALPHA LASER feature excellent performance and flexibility. Achieve maximum productivity in industrial manufacturing and handcraft with our laser devices. Our laser welding machines are also very stable and thus ensure optimum laser welding results. Our goal is to provide you with a laser system that facilitates flexible, precise, quick, and cost-effective workpiece repair or manufacture.

Laser machines and laser systems from ALPHA LASER: our services

You won’t be left to your own devices with your new laser welding machine. We will continue to work hand in hand with you after your purchase. Our experienced application engineers and experts as well as our technical support staff are always ready to assist you with application, commissioning, and maintenance issues. We also offer maintenance, software, and application training. Our spare parts department ensures that your laser machine is swiftly operational again if issues do arise. 

We stay in close touch with the users of our laser systems in order to find solutions to future laser material processing challenges and jobs with new laser machines. This is how we develop high-quality solutions that enable you to meet the growing demands of your customers. 

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