AL-RB Tube Cutting System

The Laser System for Cutting Metal Tubes.

With this tube cutting system you can easily process metal tubes with a diameter of up to 12 mm.

The fully automatic cutting process takes place in the closed, laser-safe working chamber and can be observed through
a protection window. This means you can work without additional safety precautions against laser radiation.

The system is available with a laser power of 150 or 300 W. The cutting process is controlled either by touch screen or
automatically by software.

This laser system is mainly used in tube processing for sensor manufacturing as well as in precision engineering and medical technology.

  • AL-RB
    • Laser
      Active mediumYtterbium
      Wavelength1070 ± 10 nm (invisible, near infrared)
      Pilot Laser630 – 680 nm (≤ mW)
      Laser protection class1
      Average power250 W (CW), 150 W (pulsed)
      Peak pulse power250 W (CW), 1500 W (pulsed)
      Pulse duration0.2 ms – CW (continuous wave)
      Pulse frequency0 – 10 kHz
      Laser cooling systemIntegrated air cooling
    • Cutting
      Focal spot ∅approx. 80 μm
      Observation lensStereo microscope attachment 10x ocular, visual field ? 16 mm
      Focal distancef=80, optionally f=56 mm
      Cutting gas supplyIncluded
      Cutting smoke extractionConnectible externally
    • External dimensions
      Unit (W × D × H)270 cm x 100 cm x 150 cm
      Footprint300 cm x 120 cm x 150 cm
      Weightapprox. 913 kg
    • External connections
      Electrical connection3-phase 3 x 400 V, 50 - 60 Hz, 3 x 10 A + neutral and grounding conductor
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Technical accessories

Collet chuck

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