VL 50


VL 50 – The Manual Welding Laser for Manual Laser Welding

The VL 50 is a compact table laser system for the repair and manufacture of dentures. 
It is also ideal for welding fine mechanical parts and medical technology or sensor components.

The laser system offers reliable beam behavior with a steady, powerful, yet soft welding behavior. An optional micro welding function permits the finest compounds. Welding is controlled visually via the stereomicroscope.

All weldable metals including silver and titanium can be safely and efficiently jointed. The high average power of 60 watts enables a fast pulse sequence (up to 25 Hz). This guarantees homogeneous fusing of the materials.

The spacious working chamber is brightly lit. Loading takes place via a large tailboard. We have placed great value on ergonomics. Focused working is possible for hours at a time.

The VL 50 is also available with a bristle grip. This model is particularly useful for sensor manufacturing, as it facilitates evenly inserting the long pipes or cables into the working chamber and welding evenly. 

  • VL 50
    • Laser
      Laser type/wavelengthNd:YAG, 1064 nm
      Average power60 W
      Peak pulse power7.5 kW
      Pulse energy50 J
      Pulse duration0.5–20 ms
      Pulse frequencySingle pulse – 25 Hz
      Operating modePulsed
      Welding spot Ø0.2–2.0 mm, continuously adjustable
      Focusing objective120 mm
      Pulse shaping3 preset pulse shapes
      Display and operationDisplay with membrane keyboard, touch screen optional
    • Observation lens
      SMK (Leica binocular microscope attachment optional)
    • Working chamber
      W × D × H475 × 232 × 192 mm
      Max. workpiece height88 mm (200 mm with recessed working chamber)
      ExtractionIntegrated (H14)
    • External dimensions
      W × D × H510 × 645 × 430 mm
      Weight50 kg
    • External connections
      Electrical connection20 240 V / 50–60 Hz / 10 A
  • Download data sheet

Technical accessories

ALFT-HDMI camera system

For displaying the welding process on an external monitor The camera system is specially made for ALPHA LASER systems and is mounted below the laser's microscope attachment. Includes power supply, HDMI cable, and laser connection cable. HDMI recorder for recording not included in scope of delivery.

Ergo wedge 5°-25°

Enables tilting of the binocular for ergonomic working.

Hand rest

The leather hand rests for the working chamber offer comfortable hand positioning during welding.

Switchable micro welding function

The switchable micro welding function reduces the welding spot diameter to very fine <0.1 mm.

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