Mobile and Flexible Laser Hardening and Powder Deposit Welding

The AL-ROCK Is the First Mobile Robot for Targeted Hardening of Metal Surfaces.

The component to be hardened no longer needs to be dismantled, as the laser can be brought right to the workpiece. The far-reaching robot arm can easily access hard-to-reach places. All that is needed is the laser beam’s free access to the workpiece surface to be hardened.

The area which is to be hardened can be easily programmed using the scanner software: simply select the area that you wish to scan. Then the robot moves the scanner automatically to the marked area over multiple tracks. The result is a real-time 3D model. The operator then simply configures the process-relevant parameters, after which the program is simulated virtually.

The generated and confirmed program is automatically sent to the robot.

The laser beam precisely follows the workpiece contour in free 3D movements. Weld edges, nubs, grain structures, or individual points can be easily hardened this way. There is practically no thermal load on the surrounding area, which means that distortion is kept to a minimum. The heat flux within the component leads to self-quenching.

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Transporting components is not necessary (e.g., pressing tools)
  • Avoid transport damage to the component
  • Significant time savings
  • No cooling media required due to self-quenching of the workpiece
  • Low-distortion hardening due to targeted and rapid heat input
  • On-site control of the result by the customer possible

And the AL-ROCK can do even more: The laser system can also be used for laser welding, e.g., for powder deposit welding.
Stay flexible.

    • Laser
      Laser type / wavelengthDiode laser, 900 – 1070 nm
      Pilot Laserred 630 – 680 nm (? 5 mW), green 532 nm (5 mW)
      Power3,000 W (CW)
      Focal distancef = 250 mm
      Shielding gas feedIncluded
      Laser cooling systemExternal water-air cooling system
      Display and operationDisplay 1 on mobile part
      Display 2 at the station with 8 mm cable for free position selection
    • Work area
      Movement speed (X, Y, Z)Welding spot 0 – 10 mm/s over component surface
      Movement range (X, Y, Z)3000 x 1000 x 1900 mm as spherical half space
      Lowest working point0 mm
      Highest working point1900 mm
      Radius of 3D work areaapprox. 2 m (from the booth)
    • Hardening
      Gaugesvariable, from 5–20 mm (depending upon the material)
      Case hardening depth (CHD)max. 2 mm (depending upon the material)
      Controlcamera-guided continuous laser output control LompocPro with E-MAqS camera
      Repeat accuracy+/- 0.08 mm max.
      Smallest programmable path dimension0.01 mm
    • External dimensions
      Mobile part W × D × H1200 x 1500 x 1800 mm
      Weightapprox. 1,400 kg
      Station including cooler W × D × H1100 x 1900 x 1800 mm
      Weightapprox. 700 kg
    • External connections
      Electrical connection63 A 400 V 3 P + PE 6 h 50 Hz
      from version P250 only 32 A 400 V 3 P + PE 6 h 50 Hz
  • Download data sheet
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