Maintenance Contracts

High-Quality Systems Require Top Maintenance.

ALPHA LASER supports you during the entire product life cycle by means of customizable maintenance contracts.
Select from five different maintenance packages and tailor the maintenance contract to your needs.
Having a defined service agreement allows you to have a clear overview of expenses and gives you the best possible planning security.

Regular Maintenance and Servicing for Safe, Efficient,  and Performance-Optimized Working with Your Laser System.

ALPHA LASER maintenance contracts are modular and may meet multiple specific requirements.
But an inspection always comes first. This is firmly anchored in every maintenance contract.

  • Are all safety-relevant elements in flawless condition? 
  • Is the laser optimally aligned?
  • Are machine components defective or worn? 


An inspection provides the basis for deciding whether maintenance or repair is necessary. Inspections, maintenance, and repairs  
are always carried out by highly trained ALPHA LASER service technicians and with ALPHA LASER original spare parts.

Contracts with a defined maintenance cycle of one year are most common. Other cycles can be arranged depending on the application and operating
hours of the laser system.

Maintenance Contracts

Starting with a basic contract (basic package), you may tailor the contract to perfectly meet your needs and requirements.
Simply compile your unique contract from the advanced packages (DI-, L&L-, M&B,- turn and tilt objective package).

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Extended service life of the laser system
  • Maintenance according to the ALPHA LASER maintenance checklist
  • Higher productivity thanks to less downtime
  • No loss of performance – through optimal adjustment
  • Everything in sight – thanks to clean lenses and mirrors
  • Never miss a maintenance appointment – ALPHA LASER handles
    the scheduling

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