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ACI Laser GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes compact laser machine tools – primarily for efficient and precise material marking and for laser trimming in the industrial sector. With ACI's extensive range of marking lasers – consisting of Nd:YAG, fibre, CO2, UV, green and picosecond lasers – virtually any material can be permanently marked.

As a turnkey all-in-one solution, ACI offers a selection of protective housings which guarantee safe operation of the laser system in accordance with laser safety class 1. The laser systems can be used both as flexible manual workstations as well as integration components for use in automated systems. The Workstations can be combined with all lasers from ACI depending on the application and their functions can be extended with the addition of vision systems, code and ID reader systems, as well as various axis solutions. The laser operating software complements the premium product solutions with the utmost flexibility. Complex layouts can be programmed quickly and intuitively and integrated into existing production lines with the programming interface.

Thanks to the flexibility of our high-quality German engineering, we are able to offer a wide range of made-to-measure solutions alongside our standard ACI product range. Depending on the requirements of the application, hardware and software can be adapted to the customer's processes and additional handling steps can be integrated into the laser station.

At ACI, we take pride in offering professional, tailored advice to our customers and providing comprehensive, expert service. Extensive free-of-charge sampling takes place in the in-house application laboratory. The technical sales team assists customers with choosing a suitable laser system. ACI offers comprehensive, long-term support, starting from the very first sample marking on the workpiece and continuing far beyond the purchase of the laser system.

With more than 5000 laser systems installed worldwide, ACI Laser GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of laser systems. The development, manufacturing, service and distribution of laser systems have been successfully certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.


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