Additive manufacturing of metal

Powder bed based laser beam melting with 3D printing

The additive manufacturing system creates safe and precise metal components in all shapes

Additive manufacturing creates components using a process that adds material instead of removing it. In addition, the laser systems from ALPHA LASER print metals with high precision and optimal material utilization. Compared to the conventional process, the modern manufacturing process has various advantages.

Powder bed-based laser beam melting works as follows:

1. A thin, homogeneous layer of powder is spread on a building platform.

2. Metal powder gets melted with pinpoint accuracy by a laser.

3. Then a new, even layer of powder is added over it.

4. Finally, the laser sequentially melts all successive layers completely together with the layers below, thus creating a three-dimensional component.

The component created in this way directly from a 3D CAD model has a complete, high density due to the selective melting process. The additive manufacturing process, which is used by many industries and users, allows completely new freedom in terms of geometry and functional integration in the manufacture of metal components. The use of 3D printers can significantly shorten development cycles and also meet more complex requirements thanks to the high degree of design freedom.

The advantages of additive manufacturing of metal

The 3D metal printer from ALPHA LASER offers these advantages through the use of additive metal manufacturing:

  • Highest precision compared to other AM processes, thanks to the combination of a fine laser spot and a laser scanner.
  • Freedom of design: Internal contours, functional integration and much more are possible thanks to the additive manufacturing of metal.
  • Combination of individual part assemblies into one component
  • High material yield: reuse and recycling of the residual powder
  • Production of individualized individual pieces (Fully Customized Parts)
  • Short lead time to the first prototype and therefore also suitable for small series




Work safety in additive manufacturing with metal powder

The metal powders used in additive manufacturing with the printer have very fine grain sizes and can be harmful or reactive. Usually this requires special technical equipment and finally personal protective equipment (PPE). With the AL3D-METAL system, the entire powder handling is safely located in closed construction chambers, cartridges and powder containers. This is unique in the market and redefines the standard of occupational safety in additive manufacturing.

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