Fiber lasers from ALPHA LASER


Powerful fiber lasers for laser material processing

The flexibility, performance and precision that fiber-based laser technology offers in industrial small batch production and in the trade enables broadband use in a wide variety of metalworking industries, including many others in the casting repair, automotive industry and laser sheet metal processing. In recent years, the fiber laser has established itself as an alternative to conventional solid-state lasers due to its user-friendly properties.

Fiber lasers are solid-state lasers. They are based on a solid that acts as a laser-active, reinforcing medium. In the case of the fiber laser, glass fiber serves as the active medium. The laser beam is generated directly in the fiber. Due to the small diameter of the fiber-based laser beam with a higher intensity than comparable conventional laser systems, fiber lasers are particularly suitable for precise tasks in laser material processing such as laser welding and laser cutting. In welding, both pulsed and continuous operation (pulsed welding or CW welding) is possible for fine welding with a fiber laser.

 Fiber lasers: our fiber lasers and their advantages

  • high beam quality and good focus ability
  • High efficiency
  • different performance classes
  • pulsed welding and CW welding (continuous melting) in one
  • precise laser cutting or welding due to the small diameter of the laser beam
  • Mobile laser machines for maximum flexibility
  • open or closed laser systems

            Laser machines with fiber laser source from ALPHA LASER: our fiber lasers

            Fiber lasers can be used for both laser welding and laser cutting. We produce both laser welding machines and laser cutting machines such as the AC 300 F or AC 450 F with fiber-based laser source. Stationary systems and work tables with integrated fiber lasers such as the AL-TW are also in the range, as are hand welding lasers, such as the AL-ARM 450 F.

            In addition to the Nd:YAG laser version, there are also other laser machines with fiber lasers. We recommend laser machines with a fiber source if your specific application requires a validated process, you rely on precise results in fine welding or fine cutting and you want to switch flexibly between CW mode and pulsed welding.

            Our fiber lasers for metal processing include mobile laser systems as well as open or closed laser machines with fiber sources. Mobile fiber lasers offer you maximum flexibility in laser material processing and short set-up times, while closed laser machines, on the other hand, have a closed protective chamber for safe laser welding or laser cutting. We also regularly offer used fiber lasers.




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