Powder deposit welding with laser systems from ALPHA LASER




Tool abrasion due to wear and corrosion are significant cost factors in production processes. The deposition of a thin layer of metal powder, for example by using deposition welding, helps to make workpieces more resistant. The service life of the workpieces can be significantly increased by laser wire deposition welding or powder deposition welding. The fiber lasers in our ALFlak and AL-TW laser devices deliver the correspondingly high output of 450/900 watts that is necessary for laser deposition welding or laser cladding


Laser powder deposition welding: How does it work?

The Laser cladding with powder is a generative manufacturing process. The chosen metal powder gets blown from a nozzle into the laser focus by means of a carrier gas, which also functions as a protective gas, and is welded onto an existing component using the laser energy. If the nozzle is moved relative to the workpiece, surfaces, lines or any geometry can be applied.

An annular gap nozzle ensures uniform melting with a non-directional process. By coating suitable materials in multiple layers, almost any layer thickness can be achieved, and 3D volumes can also be generated.

Laser powder deposition welding creates a pore-free and crack-free layer with little dilution and a small heat-affected zone: The use of lasers for powder deposition welding accelerates the processing of the workpiece and achieves results of perfect quality. A wide variety of metal-processing industries are already using this form of powder deposition welding, including in ttool and mold manufacture industry, in the utomotive industry and when armoring shafts, for example. in the energy sector (Oil and Gas).






The advantages of our lasers for powder deposit welding:

  • Precise laser welding with powerful laser technology
  • different performance classes and machine concepts available
  • Mobile laser machines for maximum flexibility
  • Open laser systems: no limitation of the working space
  • Use for tool protection and repair

Die Vorteile des Laserauftragschweißens mit Pulver:

  • präzises Auftragschweißen durch leistungsstarke Lasertechnik
  • verschiedene Leistungsklassen und Maschinenkonzepte
  • mobile Lasermaschinen für maximale Flexibilität
  • offene Lasersysteme: keine Beschränkung des Arbeitsraums
  • Einsatz zum Werkzeugschutz und zur Reparatur


Speed and efficiency speak in favor of powder deposit welding with lasers.

The use of laser welding devices for laser cladding has proven its worth thanks to the ability to coat large areas quickly and efficiently with metal powder. In this way, expensive components are effectively reconditioned and processed. Ideal to protect workpieces that are exposed to heavy loads such as drills, turbine and engine parts against wear and corrosion. Repair welds are also possible with our laser machines. The laser devices can also process larger areas without problems, as wider tracks or more material can be applied by adding layer by layer to the area to be repaired. Application examples include hard coatings (HRC60), corrosion or abrasion protection (nickel alloy with embedded tungsten carbide particles)


Our laser machines ALFlak Faser and AL-TW, which were designed for laser welding, can also be used as powder coating systems. The laser systems can easily be used for cladding, pulsed welding and CW welding. The mobile laser system AL-ROCK is a laser hardening system with the option of laser deposition welding with powder and is particularly suitable if you want to switch flexibly between laser hardening and laser powder deposition welding. Laser systems from ALPHA LASER impress with their flexible fields of application and perfect coating results.

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