Automotive Industry – Versatile Applications for Flexible Laser Systems

Mobile laser welding is particularly suited to re-working defective soldering and welding seams on bodywork
and ancillary components.

Bodyshells are usually welded fully automatically by portal systems or robots. Unintentional seam breaks, seam penetrations,
offset seams, or pores in the weld metal can occur from time to time with these fully automated welding processes.
Such defects can be easily and quickly re-worked and repaired with a manual welding laser, both cost-efficiently and
with few resources. ALPHA LASER developed the AL-ARM 450 F laser specifically for these applications.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Economical, as elaborate readjusting of the logistics process is not required
  • Quick and easy due to shorter set-up times and more straightforward operation of the laser
  • Resource-efficient, as the body part can be reused instead of recycled


Electromobility also has many application possibilities for laser technology, for example for the production of batteries or power packs. Lasers can be used in close proximity to charged battery cells, as the heat input is extremely low with laser welding. Our fiber lasers also ensure that the welding process is safe by coordinating and verifying the welding parameters.

The welding processes can be carried out manually or automatically with our WINLaserNC software.

Light-Weight Construction

Modified building methods demand ever lighter and thinner sheets. This is another perfect application area for the laser as a joining tool. Further areas of application for laser systems in automotive production:

  • Hardening or reconditioning of pressing tools
  • Altering or repairing molds 
  • Structuring surfaces

Suitable Products

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