What Drives Us

At ALPHA LASER, we are convinced that every human being has a desire to render good work.
When we develop a new laser system for hitherto unknown applications in the industry and trade, the
primary question in our minds is always “How can we best support our customers with this machine to deal with their tasks?”
Taking a variety of perspectives, calling things into question, reacting emphatically, and working hard:
these are the rationales that drive us to finding solutions where others have previously failed.
We are motivated by continuously challenging the status quo.

We not only combine laser technology and the art of engineering at the highest level, we also incorporate reliability,
laser safety, and ergonomics in each and every development and production step. The quality and precision of our products are simply a
logical consequence.

This is why our laser systems are exactly what they need to be: mobile, powerful, durable, and flexibly usable tools for welding, cutting,
and hardening in a wide variety of applications.

Company Profile

ALPHA LASER GmbH is an owner-operated medium-sized company specializing in the development and manufacture of laser systems for
welding, cutting, and hardening metals. Our laser devices are used in trade and industrial production.
Our systems are turnkey machinery for various material processing applications. 

As a pioneer in mobile welding, ALPHA LASER offers a wide range of
laser systems for flexible and mobile use. 


WE are a family-owned company and intend to keep it that way.
WE grow through our own efforts and focus on what we know.
WE constantly adapt to new situations and requirements for the good of our
customers, partners and employees.
ALL of us at ALPHA LASER are committed to our customers and to our company.
We ensure our customers the highest quality and provide safe workplaces to our employees.
WE believe in fairness and trust.

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