Mobile Systems

Short Setup Times and Extremely Flexible


Mobile welding opens up a whole new range of possibilities,
as this laser can be used no matter where the work is carried out.

Repairs and material applications on large machine wear parts, extremely heavy molds, and tools can also be implemented right on the
customer's premises. Easy positioning means that, for example, repairs on injection molding machines can be carried out or complete mold halves can be
processed during maintenance.

Advantages of Mobile Systems

Laser welding with our mobile devices ALM and ALFlak increases efficiency compared to expensive traditional repair methods.

It also means that machine components no longer need to be transported at a great expense of time. With the new ALFlak, we have further expanded the mobile application possibilities: 
this flexible high-end laser was specially developed for programmable build-up and contour welding on large components.

With a laser power of up to 300 watts, the ALFlak not only offers programmability for automatic welding, it is also highly convenient thanks to its automatic welding wire feed and the “user coordinate control”, which significantly facilitates the welding of complex workpieces with inclined planes.

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