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Laser welding continues to be an important aspect of the services offered in modern dental laboratories. 

Since 1995, ALPHA LASER GmbH has very successfully provided powerful and innovative laser welding devices of various designs and performance classes to dental technicians. Thousands of satisfied customers value our lasers in their everyday work, because the pressures and demands to react quickly to customer requirements make the laser welding systems from ALPHA LASER indispensable.

The laser devices particularly play to their strengths when it comes to repairing work on patients. Be it edge extensions on crowns or loose bridges, or if a broken bracket on a metal casting needs to be replaced: the laser makes your work easier.

The precise laser beam enables working right next to veneers without causing them to detach. The low heat-affected zone minimizes the re-work required.

Laser welding does not require any solder. The laser welding wire, which is made of the same material as the base material, maintains the corrosion resistance of the entire construction. As a result, you get very stable and biocompatible welded connections.

We wish you the best of luck with laser welding and many happy customers.



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