Spindle repair and shaft repair by using laser welding

Spindles are used in many machining centers for milling, grinding, drilling or turning. Every day, these are subject to heavy use either from tool changing or contamination. Shafts that are damaged or worn by mechanical stress must also be  

repaired quickly in order to avoid long machine downtimes. Companies and service providers rely on laser systems from ALPHA LASER for shaft and spindle repairs. 

Repair welding with lasers: save time, money and resources

Our solution: repair and maintenance by using laser welding. Defects on wear surfaces are quickly remedied by laser welding. How does it work? Material that has been ground down is rebuilt by wire deposition welding and this without material distortion. To do this, the damaged area is first sanded down by approx. 0.2 mm, and then a layer thickness of approx. 0.4 mm per work step is reapplied. One layer of wire is usually sufficient. Further layers of material can easily be applied.

Perform spindle repairs more cheaply and quickly 

Repair jobs by laser are significantly faster than the chrome plating process and the machine downtime is considerably reduced. With a laser welding system in the plant,
the spindles no longer have to be repaired externally because for chrome plating an external specialist is required. From an environmental point of view laser welding
also offers advantages.

Powder deposition welding for repairing drive shafts

Shafts are also subject to constant wear. In order to extend their service life, material is armored using the laser powder deposition welding process. A thin protective layer of metal powder gets melted with the laser. This method has the advantage that different materials (mixture of powders) can be combined and thus a combination of the best material properties is achieved. This ensures a high level of resistance. Thus the service life of the tools is significantly increased.



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