The AL-SWS laser system facilitates effortless welding and cutting of workpieces with a diameter of up to 12 mm, such as sensors or
sheathed cables, resistance thermometers, thermocouples, and sheath thermocouples. The variable inserts for the specific
sensor manufacturing tasks are easy to swap out, allowing you to effortlessly switch your system back and forth between applications.
The AL-SWS system can be equipped with laser sources AL 50, AL 100, and AL 200.

  • AL-SWS
    • Laser
      Laser crystalNd:YAG, flash-lamp pumped
      Wavelength1064 nm (invisible, near infrared)
      Laser protection class4 (1 when used with working chamber)
      Average power50 W – 200 W
      Pulse energy50 – 90 joule
      Peak pulse power5 – 9 kW
      Pulse duration0.5 ms – 20 ms
      Pulse frequencySingle pulse -50 Hz or -100 Hz
    • Welding/cutting
      Focal spot Ø0.2 – 2.0 mm – with micro welding: 50 ?m – 2.0 mm
      Observation lensStereo microscope attachment
      ocular 10x , 16x, 25x / visual field Ø 3-16 mm
      Focal distance90 mm, 120 mm, or 150 mm
      Shielding gas feedIncluded
    • Movement system
      Machine axes4 (2x software controlled, 2x manual)
      Movement rangeY: approx. 40 mm, Z: approx. 120 mm
    • Electrical connection
      3-phase3 x 400 V , 50-60 Hz, 3 x 16 A N/PE
    • External dimensions
      Work bench (L x W x H)132 x 50 x 127 cm
      Space requirement (L x W x H)132 x 150 x 150 cm
      Weightapprox. 320 kg
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Technical accessories

Insert F - Circular welding with horizontal guide

This insert was specially developed for very long workpieces, i.e., for sheath and end face welding.

Table insert A – Contact welding

The welded parts, e.g, sheathed lines or thermocouples - are held manually under the laser beam. 

Table insert B – Circular welding

The integrated rotating axis rotates the sensor during the laser welding process. The circular welding table insert is used for sheath welding and end face welding for workpiece lengths of up to 1 m.

Table insert C – Micro welding

This enables laser welding even inside the smallest thermocouples and wires. The micromanipulator enables exact positioning of the workpiece.

Table insert D – Laser cutting

This insert is ideal for laser cutting rotationally symmetrical parts or for removing the sheath of sheath-insulated cables. Cutting takes place in the closed working chamber.

Table insert E – Sheath welding under mechanical pressure

Two parts of a sensor housing are mechanically pressed together in order to put pressure on the sealing rings while welding at the same time.

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