Micro welding with lasers from ALPHA LASER 


Our laser machines weld the smallest parts and filigree workpieces with pinpoint accuracy

Maximum performance in the smallest space - not only precision engineering uses metallic joints on the µm level, which have to withstand ever higher loads. Sensor technology, dental technology and the automotive industry require precise micro-welding that creates permanent, stable and clean weld seams. 

As a manufacturer of high-quality laser welding devices, ALPHA LASER offers a variety of laser systems that are used for micro welding. As an alternative to gluing or soldering, the welding lasers connect different metals quickly and precisely thanks to the precise energy input of the powerful lasers. 

Laser devices from ALPHA LASER use either fiber lasers, such as the AL-TW laser welding system, or Nd: YAG lasers for the finest micro-welding of sensors, thermocouples or small parts in sheet metal processing. Laser machines for micro welding are available as a closed laser system with which you can carry out welding work with lasers directly at the production site without having to take additional safety precautions. Open micro-welding with lasers enables you to process big and long workpieces. You don't have to worry about occupational safety: ALPHA LASER supports you with your laser safety concept and with laser systems that meet the requirements of performance level d.

The advantages of a laser in micro welding

  • Laser welding of the finest structures through precise energy input
  • Zones affected by heat remain very small
  • Little delay
  • resilient, permanent weld seams
  • Problem-free connection of various materials
  • ergonomically designed workplaces
  • manual, semi-automatic or programmed micro-welding

Micro welding: ALPHA LASER offers efficient laser systems for industry and trade 

With our laser systems, you will receive results in a wide variety of areas of application quickly and reliably. Use the AL-TW work table both for micro-welding of small components and for deep laser welding to join thick metals without problems. The multifunctional laser system AL-SWS allows you to effortlessly switch between laser welding and laser cutting and is also suitable for contact welding, circular welding or Jacket welding can be used. An investment in laser systems from ALPHA LASER for micro welding pays off through short set-up times, fast processing and high-quality welded joints.

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