Lasers – A universal and flexible tool for many applications.

Hardly any other tool can be used in such a variety of ways as a laser. A laser beam can apply material and joint, harden, or cut metal.
Whether in the automotive industry, for the repair of molds and tools, sensor production, sheet metal processing,
mechanical engineering or in the manufacture of batteries / power pack housings – lasers have long become indispensable in almost all areas of industrial production.

Laser technology can significantly extend the service life and lifetime of workpieces that are prone to wear, which in turn decreases high expenditures
in regards to new purchases.

Toolmaking & molding

Laser welding can be used to repair damaged molds or to quickly implement design changes.

Sheet metal processing

High welding seam quality, low distortion, short set-up times, and plenty of flexibility – these are the hallmarks of laser welding in sheet metal processing.

Mechanical engineering

The laser tool is used for precise welding and hardening of metals in mechanical engineering and has become a mainstay in many production processes.

Precision engineering

Laser devices developed specifically for micro welding enable the production of small components with the highest precision.

Cast repair

Repair welding of pores, cavities, leaks, and cracks – cost and resource saving.

Medical technology

Pore-free and smooth surfaces as well as thin yet high-strength welding seams are just a few of the advantages offered by laser welding in the manufacture of medical technology components.

Sensor manufacturing

Micro welding, contact welding, tube scribing, sheath and end face welding – easy to implement with our AL-SWS laser system.

Spindle and Shaft repair

Defects on wear surfaces of spindles are quickly remedied by laser welding. Material that has been ground down is rebuilt by wire deposition welding and this without material distortion.

Industry solutions

There are many exciting projects – challenge us.

Dental technology

Lasers make working easier in the dental laboratory. Solder is no longer needed. The result: very stable and bio-compatible welded joints.

Jewelry making

Manual welding lasers have become indispensable for the production or repair of jewelery.

Automotive industry

Many applications for flexible laser systems: car body construction – electromobility – light-weight construction – pressing tools repair – molding

Additive Manufacturing

AL3D-METAL 250 – the easy entry into the world of additive manufacturing.

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