Laser welding with ALPHA LASER laser welding devices

Our laser welding systems yield high-strength precision seams

Whether joint welding or deposition welding, with wire or with powder: our goal is to make the laser welding process ever more precise, application-oriented, and faster. The good controllability of laser energy allows welding of metallic materials with high melting temperatures or high thermal conductivity. Materials that are otherwise difficult or impossible to fuse can often be jointed by laser welding.

Laser technology is indispensable when it comes to mechanically solid, precise, and visually appealing joints. Our laser welding systems use fiber lasers and Nd:YAG lasers for pinpoint energy input that results in less heat and thus prevents distortion of the material. Laser welding yields a smooth, oxide-free surface and a slim seam on butt welds, overlap welds, or fillet welds. Some of our laser systems can also be used for powder deposit welding. This process is perfectly suited to protect your components and tools as well as increase their service life, or for applying material even faster over larger areas. 

Suitable Products

ALFlak | ALFlak Fiber AL-Serie AL-F OEM
ALW / ALW Fiber ALV / ALV Fiber AL-Q

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