ALPHA LASER was founded in 1994. At our site in Puchheim, near Munich, Germany, about 120 employees manufacture
more than 600 laser systems annually and dispatch them to our customers throughout the world.

  • 2023


    New laser class 1 welding system for automated welding applications. The working chamber can be quickly loaded, as an electric door opens and closes at the push of a button. At the end of the welding process, the electric door opens automatically. Ideal for series production of components in the field of medical technology, sensor technology and precision mechanics.

  • 2022


    The AL-DV wire feed unit can be used for automated welding processes, but also for manual laser wire deposition welding. It can be integrated into automated series production and controlled via digital signals. Wires from 0.2-1.6 mm can be conveyed with it.


    The new laser process optics were presented on the occasion of the laser trade show. These included an orbital welding head with a rapidly rotating laser beam, a laser process head for generating predetermined breaking points, a scan head and much more.

  • 2021

    ALPHA LASER becomes new patron in Goldsmiths' Craft & Design Counci

    In 2021, ALPHA LASER is serving as an award patron in Goldsmiths' Craft & Design Council for the first time, offering a new technology award: the use of laser technology in combination with fine craftsmanship. Jewelry designers' creations should be specifically designed for laser welding or laser cutting applications..


    ALPHA LASER presents the new AL-IN welding laser.

    This laser system is extremely flexible, versatile and it can be retrofitted. It offers a choice of laser power and is equally suitable for small and large components.

    The AL-IN is completed by practical storage trays for important welding utensils.

  • 2020

    Wolfgang Seifert - owner and managing director is leaving as managing director and is looking forward to his retirement.

  • 2019

    Start of construction for another company building with a spacious production and office area.

  • 2019

    The AL-CROSS comes onto the market, a mobile, stable, robust fiber laser.

  • 2019

    The AL-DRIVE, the control unit of the AL-CROSS, wins the German Design Award.

  • 2018

    Nomination of our mobile welding laser AL-ARM 450 F for the HERMES AWARD

  • 2017

    AL-ARM 450 F
    The laser system for vehicle body construction. Quick and easy repair of bleed-throughs, pores, and offset seams. Also perfectly suited for small series and prototyping

  • 2016

    AL-TWOur stable work bench AL-T 500 now with integrated fiber laser and laser power from 300-900 W.

  • 2015

    ALM 300
    First mobile laser welding system with TÜV certification for compliance with the high safety requirements of performance level d

  • 2015

    ALFlak fiber model
    High efficiency with excellent beam quality for reproducible welds.

  • 2015

    to a new company building at Junkersstraße 16

  • 2015

    First mobile robot for laser hardening of metal surfaces

  • 2014 – New Managing Director

    Two new members joined the management team on April 1, 2014: Thomas Golinske and Georg Meyndt. Hans J. Penser previously left the company for health reasons. From this date forward, ALPHA LASER GmbH is managed by Josef Höllbauer, Wolfgang Seifert, Thomas Golinske, and Georg Meyndt.

  • 2014

    ALFlak Max
    Even more mobility and flexibility for work on large molds

  • 2013

    ALM 250
    The successful mobile ALM is redesigned and now available with 250 watts

  • 2013

    AC 300 F
    Extremely compact laser cutting system. Perfectly suited for small series, prototypes, and jewelery production.

  • 2012

    One laser system, five areas of application:
    AL-SWS, the multifunctional laser system with variably exchangeable inserts enables micro welding, compacting, cutting as well as sheath and....

  • 2011

    AL-RR und AL-RB
    are laser systems for cutting and scribing pipes and are used in sensor production.

  • 2010

    ALFlak fiber model

    With the ALmicro, ALPHA LASER has realized a concept for ultra-fine welding. The superstructure and lenses of the device were developed specifically for micro-welding applications in sensor manufacturing

  • 2009

    AL-T Basis
    The new and economical work bench is used when different workpieces need to be processed flexibly programmed welding is not required.

  • 2009

    Demand more:
    The ALW vario 200/300, a new development of the ALW vario, offers more power, precision, and covers more applications possibilities.

  • 2009

    ALS 100 – Modern design and sophisticated technology characterize the new generation of manual laser workstations. There are many possible applications: For manufacturing and repairs, the laser...

  • 2009

    ALFlak mobil – Flexible laser for build-up and contour welding on large machine components, design components as well as injection molding and forming tools. The new user coordinate control...

  • 2008

    VL 50
    The powerful table laser offers state of the art technology for welding dentures, jewelry, fine mechanical parts, medical technology components, sensors, and small molds.

  • 2007

    AL 300
    Another member of the AL series that achieves previously unheard-of performance and quality in laser deposit welding.

  • 2007

    the large mobile device. By customer request, this device was developed for welding tasks for which even an ALM is too small. Welding seams of more than 750 mm in length are possible without repositioning. Very good...

  • 2006

    Turn and tilt objective
    With this novel objective, the laser beam can be continuously deflected up to 40° out of the vertical plane, over the entire 360?° rotation range of the objective. For the best...

  • 2006

    Das Verlangen nach mehr:
    The ALW vario 200/300, a new development of the ALW vario, offers more power, precision, and covers more application possibilities.

  • 2006

    AC 200
    All-in-one: This flexible laser system can be used for laser cutting and laser welding, both for prototypes and series.

  • 2006

    Large movement paths, high movement speed, and positioning accuracy characterize the precise and extremely stable AL-T 500 work bench.

  • 2006

    Further development of the ALM mobile – now with 200 watts.

  • 2003

    ALM – The world's first mobile laser welding device takes the market by storm and offers a new level of flexibility. The unrivaled mobile laser welding device offers completely new, universal...

  • 2003

    ALV – The compact and versatile ALV was developed especially for smaller workpieces up to 50 kg. With this laser, the workpiece can be moved along four axes of movement in the working chamber, optionally....

  • 2002

    Introduction of the ALDT laser tabletop – compact, rugged, and affordable.

  • 2002

    SL 75
    The powerful 2-lamp laser system for the jewelery industry and medical technology.

  • 2001

    SL 50
    New design, new technology, for jewelery production.

  • 2001

    The compact Nd:YAG laser sources AL are launched. This model series covers a wide range of new applications. These welding systems combined with the also new...

  • 1998

    With the ALW vario, ALPHA LASER is the first company to introduce a laser welding device specifically for tool and mold repairs. Today, this laser is still used by all major...

  • 1997

    The professional ALP laser welding device was specially developed for use in dental laboratories and jewelery repairs. A new addition is the multifunctional footswitch, with which...

  • 1996

    Designed for dental labs, this compact laser welding device impresses particularly with its low space requirements and powerful performance.

  • 1995

    Wolfgang Seifert and Hans J. Penser join the company as partners. The ALS 25, the first Nd:YAG laser welding device developed and manufactured by ALPHA LASER is launched.

  • 1994

    Josef Höllbauer founds ALPHA LASER GmbH and starts with the development of the ALS 25.

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