Laser System for Industrial Applications

The AL-F OEM is an individual system that can be flexibly integrated in a wide variety of applications.

This fiber laser system can be integrated into existing machine concepts for automated applications.
In this case, the welding process is monitored via a camera (with the AL-AKO K objective). But it can also be used as a fiber source with a
mobile lens (AL-AKPO M). The lens is then placed anywhere in your movement system.
The stepper motors are controlled by the laser's control system. This can also be combined with a robot.

The safety concept verified by TÜV for compliance with the high safety requirements for performance level d is included.

We can provide the system with a laser power of 300, 450, 600, and 900 W. If your requirements change later on, the
300 W or 450 W fiber sources can also be retrofitted to twice the power.

Let us show you the many possibilities.

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Laser Head AL-AKO K

For camera monitoring of the welding process. The AL-AKO K laser head allows any fiber-coupled laser source to be connected with QBH-compatible plugs and to be integrated into existing machine assemblies....

  • Continuously fixable focusing of the laser beam without shifting the working plane
  • Shielding gas nozzle with precision shielding gas feed
  • Thermostat for overheat protection (> 60 °C)
  • Camera (optional) for displaying the welding process on an external monitor, with integrated cross-hairs
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Laser Head AL-AKO M

For microscope monitoring of the welding process. The AL-AKO M laser head was specially designed for manual laser welding under microscope observation and can be connected to any fiber laser or fiber-coupled laser source, e.g., our mobile high-power lasers of the AL-F OEM series....

  • Microscope attachment with Leica binocular and oculars for wearers of glasses for monitoring of the welding process
  • Shielding gas nozzle with precision shielding gas feed
  • Coaxial illumination, water cooling
  • Connections for sealing air, swan-neck lamp
  • Interface for various ALPHA LASER objectives with quick-change option
  • Safety features laser protection filter, UV and glare shield
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